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Summer Wind

"Summer Wind" is a 1965 song, originally released in Germany as "Der Sommerwind" and written by Heinz Meier and German language lyrics by Hans BradtkeJohnny Mercer re-wrote the song into English along the same themes as the original, which talked of the changing of the seasons using the Southern European sirocco wind as a metaphor.

I fell in love with the song hearing the 1966 recording by Frank Sinatra.

Thinking Out Loud 

An improvisation.

Deacon Blues 

My arrangement of the Steely Dan classic by Donald Fagen & Walter Becker.

Slow Breath 

Like so many of my compositions, this is one that

sort of came to me as I first started playing.

I played the chords, then wrote them down, and some time

later added the melody. This is the first recording of "Slow Breath".


A discussion in music between bassist Dan Anderson, drummer Bob Rummage, and myself.

It Has Always Been You 

An orignal composition in the American Songbook

verse - chorus format. 

Dedicated to my wife Susan, it is our story.

From the CD "Dar Cho".

This is a solo piano improvisation I played to photos my wife and I

took in Paris when we were there in April 2014

What About 

From my CD "Dar Cho", What About is about

keeping in mind the things we most desire.

St Louis Blues 

Stride / boogie woogie

Wichitaw Lineman 

Thank you Jimmy Web!

I have played this song many times through the years

and still love it.


We Sail 

I love the water, and I love to Sail.

Being out on the open water, and as the lyrics say "moving from the wind alone".

I wrote this song for the recording session, and it includes some video I

took from the seat on the bow of the boat while sailing on Lake Michigan, 

with the Chicago skyline off in the distance...

Reasonable Tendencies 

I wrote this back in 1998, but never recorded it.

It's a kindofa funky, smooth kinda thing...