Touch 'n Go - 2004


Touch 'n Go (2004)

A piano trio release of 10 standards and one original composition featuring original arrangements of old classics, and old classics done the “old” way.

Following are the liner notes from “touch ‘n go” by Herb Boyd.

Herb is author of “Who’s Who in Detroit Jazz”, and has written articles for Downbeat, The Village Voice,

and Jazz Times magazines.


With each new recording Mark Moultrup extends his musical boundaries.  On this venture, the intrepid pianist/vocalist has included more vocals than on his last recording.  And this stretch of his vocal cords is especially rewarding on the relaxed and understated "East Of The Sun." Throughout, the vocals are rendered in a mature, knowledgeable style made evident by his creative improvisational phrasings. 

There is no mistaking Mark's selection of tunes.  He is his own best producer, and to hear his unique rendition of Benny Golson's "Along Came Betty," and the use of his lower register on Ogden Nash's "Speak Low" lyric embellished with a dollop of bass clarinet, is music to the ears.

On sections of “If I Should Lose You” and "Happy Face" the trio is augmented, but not with horns up front. During these moments his voice is another frontline instrument, and is particularly engaging when he scats along with the ever-efficient arpeggios of his right hand. 

Bronislau Kaper's "Invitation," Joe Henderson's theme song, is given a two-fisted, even-handed approach, if that's not citing too many fingers.  For this tour de force, Mark's full use of the piano, his incredible technique is set free here, and this may be his real forte.

As always with a Mark Moultrup recording, there's a delightful intelligence at work, an intuitive feel for his sidemen, most notably here–drummer Bob Harsen and bassist Nick Callandro. 


             —Herb Boyd

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