"Relaxin' on the Edge"



Take the cerebral musical journey up Half Dome to the Top

and  savor the beauty and majesty of Yosemite from on high while 

“Relaxin’ on the Edge” from a sophisticated jazz perspective.

“Relaxin’ on the Edge”, is a collection of 8 original compositions which highlight Marks’ talents as a composer, arranger, and improviser.

Strong performances are heard throughout this live in studio recording of the trio, quintet, and soloist.

A diverse and fascinating musical palate is created employing swing, fusion, hip hop,

classically influenced jazz, and multiple time signatures


And be sure to pop the disc in your computer and watch the “Coffee, Coffee” video!

Walter White - trumpet

Chris Collins - tenor sax & flute

Nick Colandro - bass

Bob harsen - drums

Mark Moultrup - keys / vocals / arrangements & compositions

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